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My Graphics


Please download the graphics to your own hard drive.
Most of these graphics I have created using a CD
called Broderbund - Celebrations and Holidays !

You can click Here to get their CD !!


All I ask of you is if you take any of my graphics,
please link them back to my site, so proper credit will
be given, Hugs and Enjoy, Angeldimples.

Please E-mail Angeldimples
if you are using my sets
I would love to visit  :)

Eivybarsm.gif (2460 bytes)Eivybarsm.gif (2460 bytes)Eivybarsm.gif (2460 bytes)Eivybarsm.gif (2460 bytes)

new.gif (116 bytes)    Backgrounds    new.gif (116 bytes)

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Full Sets Are Listed Below

St. Patty's Day
Mother's Day

Coming Soon, Please Come Back !!

New Year's Day
Father's Day
4th of July

Brown-Butterfly.gif (52764 bytes)


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